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Distributor Show Rules

Promotional Product Professionals of Canada
2019 National Convention
Mississauga – The International Centre, Hall 5
September 9 – 12, 2019
Invited Clients: Thursday, September 12 ONLY 9:30am – 2:30pm



The following rules and regulations are understood and accepted by those attending the 2019 National Convention. For the comfort and confidence of our members, these rules have been set forth by PPPC and the IC to protect your interests. By invitation only, Clients (end-users) of PPPC Member Distributors are welcome to attend the 2019 National Convention on Thursday September 12, 2019.


  1. Due to insurance regulations, children under 16 are NOT PERMITTED on the show floor.
  3. All PPPC Member Distributors and PPPC Member Subscribers may attend the show. Qualified non-member distributors may be permitted to attend PPPC shows, from time to time, via a PPPC authorized invitation by a PPPC Member Supplier.
  4. PPPC members who authorize the registration of a non-industry Distributor or Supplier as their own personnel or client or who permit any unauthorized use of a badge on the show floor are subject to a penalty that could equal the price of a yearly membership and/or loss of privilege to attend future shows.
  5. PPPC members cannot register non-member industry Distributors or Suppliers as personnel of their own company for the purpose of giving access to the premises. This is an unauthorized use of a badge. A penalty for such violation applies.
  6. Distributor members can pre-register all members of their staff at no cost.
  7. Inviting clients (end-users) to attend PPPC shows is the exclusive privilege of PPPC Distributor Members. Nonmember Distributors are not permitted to invite their clients (end-users) to any PPPC show.
  8. Clients of Distributor members (end-users) are admitted by invitation and must be pre-registered by the host Distributor. If a client has not been pre-registered by their host Distributor, said client must present a completed invitation from their host Distributor along with a verifying business card in order to be admitted. Some clients receive invitations from several Distributors. The registration staff will ask the client on which Distributor guest list she/he wants to be recorded. Client invitation is a PPPC Member Distributor privilege and is not extended to Subscriber Distributors or Non-member distributors.
  9. Member and invited Client pre-registration is done online only and is available at www.pppc.ca. Distributors are responsible for pre-registering their invited clients.
  10. Distributors are prohibited from soliciting clients from fellow Distributors.


  1. PPPC provides electronic client invitations that Distributor members can forward to their clients. Clients are only admitted if they have been invited by a Distributor member, can present a verifying invitation identifying their host and a business card. They are permitted to walk the show floor unaccompanied.
  2. Distributor and Client badges must be picked up at registration only by the person whose name appears on the badge. ID is required.
  4. Pre-printed client badges will be available for pick up at the registration area at an agreed upon date and time. Contact events@pppc.ca to coordinate a pick-up time.
  5. Clients MUST wear a white lanyard supplied by PPPC and name badge identifying their full name and that of their host distributor. ONLY PPPC-SUPPLIED WHITE lanyards will be accepted for clients. NO personalized lanyards for your clients are permitted as as non-PPPC lanyards cause confusion for exhibitors.


  1. Host Distributors are not permitted to wait for their invited clients at or around the registration area and/or foyer outside of the exhibit hall. Host Distributors are required to rent a closed and private meeting room (hospitality suite) away from the registration area and show floor.
  2. Distributors hosting private hospitality suites cannot promote their company in the windows overlooking the show floor, when applicable. Hosting Distributors are permitted up to one standard size pull-up banner, not exceeding 18 square feet in size, outside their suite. PPPC will provide one 22” x 28” sign per suite. Signs must be positioned immediately to the right and/or left of the entrance to the suite. With the exception of the two permitted signs, no tables, products or other items may be displayed outside of your rented suite. Client registration must take place inside the rented suite.
  3. Distributors hosting a hospitality suite are responsible for redirecting clients of other Distributors who mistakenly walk into their suite.
  4. Music is permitted within the contracted room only and is to be maintained at a reasonable level so as not to disrupt other Distributor suites.
  5. Food and Beverage (F&B) is the exclusive offering of The International Centre. Outside F&B is not permitted in the suites. F&B must be ordered through the facility.
  6. It is the host Distributor’s responsibility to properly inform their invited clients as to when and where they are to greet them as well as the PPPC rule of not exchanging their contact information with an exhibitor.
  7. Only companies exhibiting on the show floor are permitted to make presentations in hospitality suites. Distributors should verify the exhibitors list or contact PPPC to determine all eligible suppliers.
  8. Distributors hosting hospitality suites in private rooms cannot display products imported directly from overseas by their own company for their exclusive sales. PPPC works for both its Distributor and Supplier Members to foster and promote the supply chain in North America.
  9. Entrance units of any sort at the entrance to the room are not permitted.
  10. No type of vehicle, motorized or otherwise, will be permitted to transport invited guests to and from the hospitality suite or registration area and Trade Show Floor.
  11. Host Distributors who agree to the terms may have their invited client list imported one week prior to the event an  have their badges pre-printed onsite. Following the import, additional names must be added by the Host Distributor using the online registration form. Upon request, PPPC will pre-print staff and Invited Client badges. A pick-up date and time will be arranged in advance. Badges may only be picked up during the arranged time. Please communicate clearly to your client(s) where and when to pick-up their badges.

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